Two of our key Be One UT values are United and Connected and Embrace Diversity. In September, we announced the creation of the UT Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement (UT IDE) Strategic Alliance to move our System toward both those values.

Following an application process, 30 UT employees spanning a broad diversity spectrum including age, veteran status, mental and physical ability, perspective, geographic location, race, gender, ethnicity, position and length of service, will volunteer their time to assist our efforts towards a diverse and fully inclusive environment for faculty, staff and students. The UT IDE Strategic Alliance will truly be an active systemwide resource for all efforts involving inclusion, diversity and engagement.

The strategic alliance is comprised of four groups working in unison, including the Senior Advisory Council, Steering Committee, Action Team and Resource Team. Teams will meet regularly to develop and implement strategic direction regarding inclusion, diversity and engagement while providing opportunities for UT community involvement.

Senior Advisory Council – Senior Advisory Council members have direct alignment to the President

• Responsible for ensuring alignment of system-wide IDE –
• Champion, advocate, and communicate UT IDE efforts
• Embedding IDE across UT for sustainable change

Dr. Craig Pickett, Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, UTIA
Doug Bohner, Human Resource Officer, UTIA
Sarah Catherine Richardson, Director of Student Life, UT Southern
David Steele, Chief of Staff, UTC
Stacie Lightfoot, Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Engagement, UTC
Mark McCloud, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, UTM
Petra McPherson, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration, UTM
Tyvi Small, Vice Chancellor, Diversity and Engagement, UTK
Dr. Camille Hall, Associate Dean for Equity and Inclusion (College of Social Work), UTK
Ken Brown, Executive Vice Chancellor, UTHSC
Michael Alston, Asst Vice Chancellor Equity and Diversity, UTHSC

Steering Committee – Steering Committee members have direct responsibility for IDE at a specific campus/institute

• Responsible for identifying strategic approaches for IDE
• Champion, advocate, and communicate UT IDE efforts
• Provide and initiate opportunities for strategic direction
Andre’ Porter, UTSI Grad & Prof Studies Recruiter, Space Institute
Annie Jones, Coordinator II, Martin
Blake Reagan, Director of Purchasing, System Administration
Brian O’Leary, Associate Professor & Head, Chattanooga
Danny Pirtle, Visiting Assistant Professor, Martin
Dennis Leber, Chief Info Security Officer, Health Science Center
Elisha Hodge, IPS Consultant, Legal, Institute for Public Service
Heather Hartman, Asst Vice Provost, Knoxville
Janelle Coleman, Exec Dir for Diversity & Engagement, Knoxville
Jeff Hundley, Training Specialist, Institute for Public Service
Patricia Berks-Jelks, Director, Space Institute

Action Team – Members of the Action Team are actively involved in the delivery of IDE strategic approaches

• Responsible for carrying out the actions necessary to enhance IDE
• Champion, advocate, and communicate
• Provide tangible outcomes of strategic enhancement activities

Amy McLean, Associate Professor, Martin
Chandra West-Alston, Associate Vice Chancellor, Health Science Center
Diana Moyer, Manager, Research Development, Knoxville
Meghan Morris, Administrative Assistant, Space Institute
Ryessia Russell, Assistant Director, Knoxville

Resource Team – Members of the Resource team are recognized as resources for input for identified strategic approaches

• Responsible for resource alignment as needed
• Champion, advocate, and communicate
• Provide specific required resources to advance IDE strategic efforts

Jorge Perez, Associate Vice President, UTSA
Rosite Delgado, Director, UTC
Stephanie Butler, Counselor, UTM

For more information about UT-IDE, contact Delphia Howze