(piano playing)

A woman with a walker is handed a sign. The sign reads “The assumption that my work will be delayed because of a disability”.

A man holds sign along two colleagues that reads: “The pressure to speak for an entire demographic group, instead of sharing my personal opinion.” They are joined on each side by two people wearing glasses.

Another man hold sign that reads, as a woman joins him: “The fear to display family photos in the office because my personal life looks different than most of my colleagues.”

(piano continues playing, with violin added)

A man holds a sign that reads: “The unease of communicating view points that differ from the perspectives of majority thought.”

(Piano and violin continue playing)

A man holds a sign that reads: “The awkward silence when my expression is perceived as angry or aggressive.”

A man holds a sign that reads: “The anxiety of transitioning career military skill sets to the civilian workplace.”

A woman holds a sign that reads: “Being passed over for opportunities because the end of my career is perceived as approaching”

A woman holds a sign that reads: “The expectation to put in more work because of not having children.”

(A person twirls around in a dance move)
At UT, Inclusion is…

(Music becomes more upbeat; More people laugh and dance)

The woman who came in with a walker is now holding a different sign: “The support I feel when I’m engaged in opportunities to collaborate and connect with my team.”

The military veteran’s new sign reads “The value that I feel when I am supported to contribute my unique skill and knowledge in the workplace.”

Three people smile and hold a sign that reads: “The hope I feel when my colleagues take bold steps that challenge their assumptions about inclusion and diversity”

A man smiles and holds a sign that reads: “The connection I feel when my voice is heard and my perspectives are valued”

Two people breathe a sigh of relief. They smile and hold up a sign that says “The exhilaration I feel when differences are embraced as strengths”. The two people start boogieing.

A man smiles, dancing with a sign that reads: “The hope I feel when my supervisor encourages me to express my opinion.”

A woman grins and holds a sign: “The appreciation I feel when my unique work style is accepted and encouraged.”

A woman smiles and holds a sign that reads: “The sense of belonging I feel when I am included in projects to share my knowledge and expertise.”

The diverse crowd is gathered together and is beaming. A final sign reads “Inclusion begins with ‘I’ and always needs ‘U’.”

UT System: Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement